SIRUI 35mm F1.8 Anamorphic

About this project:

What an incredible lens! After many hours on YouTube and quite a few videos promoting this lens, we decided to add it to our portfolio.

The SIRUI 35mm F1.8 anamorphic lens is probably one of the most affordable lenses in this segment. Although an APS-C lens, it fits perfectly with our Sony FX30. With a weight of almost 700g, it is relatively heavy, but it is not that noticeable on an average rig. The lens comes with two gear rings. In addition, an adapter can be purchased, which we also have, in order to convert it from M4/3 connections to Sony E-Mount, among others. The conversion was very easy, only two small screws have to be loosened and the adapter can be screwed on.

The only thing we complain about is the close-up limit of 0.85m, but otherwise our impression is extremely positive.


  • Steven Siebert

    In my spare time I create photos and videos on a semi-professional level. I work almost exclusively with Sony technology and am currently mainly on the road with the Sony FX30.